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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

TRAILS ARE CLOSED 1-23-19 - Scott @ 09:36 PST
Trail are Closed at Noon Today, Wednesday, 1-23-19

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Trails & Grooming 1-20-19 - Scott @ 08:51 PST
SnoBlazer Trails are all OPEN. Caution on the west side of rt 40 IN THE NORTH END from skidder ruts. PLEASE RIDE SAFE, pack the trails in and report or fix any problems.

Check with other clubs before you ride their trails.

Groomers have been out South of Rt 29 to the Rennsalear County Line and Willard Mtn. Groomers North have gone up C4A To Bald Mtn. Yield to Groomers. Thank You

Friday, January 18, 2019

TRAILS ARE CLOSED 1-18-19 - Scott @ 08:46 PST
TRAILS ARE CLOSED! Pending the snow this weekend please be patient and wait for our trail coordinators to inspect the trails. These 10-15 volunteers have worked hard booking 700 trail hours and we don't want to risk a shutdown. Respect our Landowners. Thank You.

If this snow pans out Groomers will be out on Monday. We need time for riders to pack the trails. If trails open their is NO BASE, lots of Ice from standing water so be careful, ride respectfully and pack the snow in. Stay ON THE TRAIL!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Groomers Always Needed - Scott @ 15:16 PST
You cannot just ask to groom and jump in the seat. Everyone wants to get into a toasty Blazer and hit the trails. You first have to be an ACTIVE Member, you then have to contribute to all club activities and trail work, then you would have to ride and train with an experienced groomer and then you never go out alone. We invest Thousands of Dollars and Hours to get to where we are and we want to protect our investments. We always need help so start by coming to some meetings.

In the meantime review these materials to get you up to speed: