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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


12/21/16 TRAILS ARE CLOSED - Scott @ 17:58 EDT

Trails are closed we just don't have enough snow to open. Stay tuned since a good 5 inches could change things quick.

C4A is Closed going South from Argyle to Greenwich at the WS4 Junction and North at the tree line. It is very well signed and taped off. Hazards exist in the old trail which would make riding this section not only tresspassing but extremely dangerous. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RIDE this CLOSED portion. The trail bosses are out working on a detour All Trails are still Closed. Thank You.
<> Tuesday, December 08, 2015


Trails Closed until Opening Day------CALL FIRST! - Scott @ 15:12 EDT

Snowmobile Trails are closed until the official opening day of Wednesday, December 23rd at Dusk, Only if there is enough snow AND if the local Clubs open them. Please check with your Local Clubs for the exact status of their Trails before you ride. If you see Tracks Don’t Go. All the Local Clubs scout the trails for hazards and conditions before opening them. Our Club Contacts can be found in the left-hand column of this home page under Administration. Thank You
<> Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Trail Work & Equipment Work Needed! - Scott @ 08:04 EDT

TRAIL WORK! The guys from the North and South End have done an Exceptional Job at early Trail Clearing and Signing however HUNTING SEASON IS UPON US. PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT without getting in touch with Doug or Jason first. Our landowners do not like anyone on their land during hunting season.

Also please contact Doug or Jason since we do have much needed equipment work to be done. Thanks.
<> Friday, September 25, 2015


Trail Work to Complete - Scott @ 11:38 EDT

Here is all the trail items that are in need of completion. If you have anytime to help please call Jason at 518-692-9596 so he can let you know when and where to go. THanks.

500 stakes at the shed, being painted. Paint & Sip stake painting is occurring and please contact Jason if you interested in helping out.

· Bridge at Stewarts. We have a line on a 45’ flatbed trailer that will be looked at this week. The price is $600 and with scraping the wheels we can get $300 back. Once it is looked at we will make a decision. Randy advised Dale Cox also has a flatbed he will look at and let the club know.

· Peckams trail needs a small culvert. Another trailer to look at Dale Coxs property.

· Elks Trail is going to be straighten out so the Blazer can access that section and a member is talking with landowners for permission

· Woodwards on Rt 40 we plan to remove the bush at the top of hill since it is a safety hazard.

· Culvert at Kings in washed out and Jason and Matt are planning on fixing it.

· Tom Graves Bridge off Meader Road will need fixing since his trailer slipped off breaking the railings

· Additional woodchips will be need at Bruce Friends property and Mike will ask for permission to come in from Meader Road

· The culvert at Corscadden’s will need to be move and permission is being asked.

· Culvert pipe at Maxwell’s is washed out.

· Bridge behind Curtis Feed needs some work since the block rolled from a washout.

· Willard Trail Cleared and Signed at of 9/23/15

· We will need volunteers to help in all aspects of trail clearing, signing and equipment repair and maintenance. If you have any free time please contact Jason to get what you can do to help. ANY and ALL help is appreciated.
<> Tuesday, May 05, 2015



All Trails Are CLOSED! See you again in December 2015.

However, allot of work needs to be done and all signage has been removed and we will schedule work parties to brush and trim trails back over the summer.

We have 500 new stakes to paint, we have equipment to service and repair.

Contact our Trail Contacts to find out where you can help.
<> Monday, March 30, 2015


Trail Work! - Scott @ 09:16 EDT

April 18th at 9:00am at the Dix Bridge to remove the rest of the decking. Wear gloves, we'll need 1 atv and 1 pickup truck to get the decking back to our club sheds.


Please stay tuned to E-Mail, FaceBook and our Website since we will start sign removal as soon as the ground unfreezes and conditions allow. Before removing signs please contact our trail bosses so they can let you know what to do. SOUTH Joe 857-2893 or NORTH Matt 321-9352. Remember we drive into the trails and remove signs on our way out and we do not take the signs away we stand them out of the way in tree lines and tie them standing up with a small piece of rope. This makes finding them and re-installation in the fall allot easier.